The ‘Friends’ fan community mourns the news of Matthew Perry’s passing, G-Dragon denies the ‘drug use’ allegations, and Taylor Swift becomes a billionaire primarily from her music. In Vietnam, the series ‘Tết ở Làng Địa Ngục’ (Hellbound Village) is causing a sensation, ranking number one on both K+ and Netflix platforms and receiving praise. ‘The Soul Reaper’ from the Hellbound Village universe releases its first look and sets a premiere date. ‘Đất Rừng Phương Nam’ movie officially earns 100 billion VND. These are the highlights of the past week!

Global Highlights: Matthew Perry, the actor from ‘Friends,’ has passed away due to drowning

Hollywood mourns death of Matthew Perry: 'The world will miss you' | Fox News
          • Matthew Perry, the ‘Friends’ star, has passed away at the age of 54 due to drowning.
          • ‘Five Nights At Freddy’s’ becomes the highest-grossing domestic opening day for a film adaptation from a game in history.
          • ‘Inside Out 2’ will be the next Pixar film, introducing a new set of emotions.
          • ‘Mission Impossible’ part 8 has been rescheduled to 2025 due to labor strikes in Hollywood.
          • Taylor Swift becomes a billionaire, with the majority of her profits coming from music.
          • Jisoo (BlackPink) and Ahn Bo Hyun have separated due to busy schedules.
          • G-Dragon denies allegations of drug use.
          • Heineken plans to reduce prices due to declining sales.
          • Apple’s artificial intelligence development investment is nearing the $1 billion mark.
          • Jennie (BlackPink) leads in brand value in the fashion and sportswear sector.
          • Pond’s Skin Institute announces Tzuyu (Twice) as a brand ambassador.
          • Tinder introduces a feature to match users with their friends and family.
          • 82% of social media users have made purchases based on recommendations from influencers or celebrities, with beauty products being the most common.
          • Starbucks Japan launches a Frappuccino covered in black caramel and almond crunch for Halloween.
          • TikTok tests the ability to upload videos up to 15 minutes, aiming to diversify content on the platform.
          • Jacquemus opens a unique pop-up store that mimics iconic handbag products

Vietnam Highlights: ‘Tết ở Làng Địa Ngục’ (Hellbound Village) takes the top spot from a Korean blockbuster on Netflix

Có thể là hình ảnh về 1 người và văn bản cho biết 'SERIES D! COTRANG KINH TOP VIỆT NAM SAU 48H K+ lết olang Da NOUC NETFLIX'
          • ‘Tet in Hell Village’ claims the top spot on both K+ and Netflix after the first 2 episodes aired.
          • ‘Kẻ Ăn Hồn’ (The Soul Reaper) a part of the Hellbound Village universe, releases its first look and sets a premiere date for December 8, 2023.
          • The horror movie ‘Quỷ Cẩu’ releases its first look trailer, with an expected premiere date of December 29, 2023.
          • The trailer for ‘Chiếm Đoạt’ makes it to the top of the list of notable social media events within the first 24 hours.
          • ‘Dat Rung Phuong Nam’ reaches a revenue of 100 billion VND amid controversy.
          • The wedding of Gin Tuan Kiet and Puka takes place in three locations: Cam Ranh, Ho Chi Minh City, and Dong Thap in November.
          • Le Hoang Phuong achieved the title of Á hậu 4 at Miss Grand International 2023.
          • Trung Quan Idol performs a duet with his mother at his first career live show.
          • Sam shares a photo of her first pregnancy after 5 months of marriage.
          • Van Mai Huong’s songs ‘Martini’ and ‘A Red Flag’ are promoted on Spotify in nine countries.
          • Maroon 5 is coming to Vietnam for a performance in Phu Quoc on December 16.
          • Vietcombank and MB Bank are listed in the top 10 strongest brands in the SEA region, according to a Brand Finance report.
          • ‘Nhanh dựng tóc gáy’: The translation of Apple’s new event name proves confusing for Vietnamese readers.
          • Momo denies rumors related to a system maintenance incident.
          • The experience of convenient parking at Lotte Mall becomes a social media sensation: Enter the last 4 digits of your license plate number to find your vehicle’s location.

Hot on TikTok: TikTokers eagerly celebrate Christmas and enjoy Tet holidays early online

          • TikTokers are celebrating Christmas and enjoying Tet holidays early online on TikTok.
          • TikTokers are captivated by ‘Tết ở Làng Địa Ngục’ (Hellbound Village)
          • Taylor Swift’s album is compared to Disney Pixar movies.
          • TikTokers are following the trend ‘From Foot to Head.
          • TikTokers are doing pet makeup to transform into their bosses
          • TikTokers are cosplaying as Xuan Dan with ‘Hit Me Up Xuan Dan.’
          • TikTokers are dancing enthusiastically to the ‘Crazy Remix.’
          • TikTokers are obsessed with the ‘My Humps Challenge.’
          • TikTokers are reminding themselves that there are only 3 months left until Tet and they must not take a break.
          • The ‘Mi Cong’ filters are gaining popularity.
          • The ‘Check It Out’ trend is spreading.
          • ‘Em vui vì đối với em, em là đoá hoa đẹp nhất’ (I’m happy because to me, I’m the most beautiful flower).
          • TikTokers are going crazy over the ‘Flashlight Arab Dance.’
          • ‘Em đâu nên nghĩ nhiều làm chi’ (Why should I think when I have so much to do).
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