In the world, ‘Inside Out 2’ surpassed ‘Frozen 2’ to become the most-watched animated movie trailer worldwide in the first 24 hours. ‘Deadpool 3’ is set to be the only Marvel Studios film in 2024. A John Wick anime adaptation is currently in production. In Vietnam, ‘Kẻ Ăn Hồn’ (The Soul Reaper) releases teaser, expanding the hellbound village, searching for the gruesome origins of ‘Skull Wine.’ The teaser also unveils the ‘bride’ Hoang Ha, the ‘groom’ Vo Dien Gia Huy, and the mysterious role of Lan Phuong.

Global Highlights: ‘Inside Out 2’ releases teaser trailer, scheduled to hit theaters in June 2024

          • ‘John Wick’ anime version is currently being produced by Lionsgate.
          • ‘Deadpool 3’ will be the sole film from Marvel Studios in 2024.
          • ‘Inside Out 2’ has released a teaser trailer, scheduled to hit theaters in June 2024.
          • ‘Enola Holmes 3’ is in the works by Netflix.
          • ‘Prison Break’ is officially being produced by Fox for a new season.
          • ‘Aquaman – King of Atlantis’ is set to re-release in theaters on November 15, 2023.
          • G-Dragon voluntarily cooperates with an investigation, testing negative for drug’ after a rapid test.
          • Messenger is testing a feature to toggle the ‘seen’ status in chat boxes.
          • According to Oracle’s research, up to 91% of users prefer brands with a humorous touch.
          • Balenciaga announces actress Michelle Yeoh as a brand ambassador.
          • Jollibee, KFC, McDonald’s are the top 3 fast-food brands most discussed on social media in 2023.
          • Youtube bans ad-blocking apps, posing challenges for Ads Block development companies.
          • The Dictador beverage company in Poland appoints the world’s first Robot CEO.
          • Youtube introduces an A.I. Chatbot for Q&A, aiding in summarizing videos and engaging in discussions with users about recently viewed content.

Vietnam Highlights: ‘Kẻ Ăn Hồn’ (The Soul Reaper) releases a teaser exploring the hellbound village, hunting for the origins of the ancient technique ‘Skull Wine’

          • ‘Kẻ Ăn Hồn’ (The Soul Reaper) releases an extended teaser, expanding the underworld universe and embarking on a quest to uncover the origins of the ancient technique ‘Skull Wine.’
          • ‘Kẻ Ăn Hồn’ (The Soul Reaper) unveils a series of character posters, shedding the mouse mask and revealing a range of eerie demonic characters.
          • ‘Người Mặt Trời’ movie releases its official trailer, featuring the appearance of the ‘evil vampire boss.’
          • ‘Aquaman – King of Atlantis’ is set to re-release in theaters on November 15, 2023.
          • The government encourages young men and women to get married before the age of 30.
          • The album ‘Gieo’ by Ngọt is nominated for the 2024 Grammy Awards in the category of ‘Special Artwork Design.’
          • Mono confirms a comeback with the EP ‘Đẹp’ (Beautiful) in November.
          • Vietnam is forecasted to have the 4th highest salary increase potential in Asia-Pacific in 2024.
          • Starbucks Vietnam appoints its first Vietnamese General Manager in over 10 years.

Hot on TikTok: Pet cosplay as a deer with the ‘Deer Pet’ filter

          • Couples showcase their relationship with the ‘Couple Day’ template.
          • Pet transformations with the ‘Deer Pet’ filter.
          • Swifties climb from the sewers to the stadium for The Era Tour show in Argentina.
          •  ‘Chán thì dừng, mập mờ thôi thì đừng’ (‘If you’re bored, stop, if you’re chubby, then just stop).
          • TikTokers compete to set records with ‘Hit the Arrows.’
          • TikTokers share couple photos with the template ‘Em đâu nên nghĩ nhiều làm chi?’ (‘Why think too much?)
          • A miraculous transformation with the template ‘Mắt nó đẹp như mắt biếc, nhưng miệng nó hỗn’ (Her eyes are as beautiful as blue eyes, but her mouth is chaotic.)
          • TikTokers look effortlessly cool with the trend of standing on shoulders.
          • Learning slickback dance with TikTokers.
          • TikTokers time travel to 2080 and listen to bolero with the ‘old face’ filter.
          • ‘Ý em nói là chị ngu như con bò á hả?’ (Are you saying I’m as dumb as a cow, huh?).