‘Thor 5’ is currently under discussion by Chris Hemsworth and Marvel for its debut. ‘Loki 2’ has received praise from both experts and audiences. Pedro Pascal is in negotiations to become Marvel’s Mister Fantastic. Taylor Swift is saddened and has postponed a show due to a fan’s death during The Era Tours performance in Brazil. In Vietnam, ‘The Last Wife’ is gearing up for international export in December. The Vbiz star-studded cast celebrated actress Phuong Lan’s wedding, who played in the movie ‘Nhà Bà Nữ’ (The House of No Man). Diem My 9x celebrated her birthday on December 21. These are the hottest updates of the past week!

Global Highlights: Chris Hemsworth is currently in discussions with Marvel for the production of ‘Thor 5’

Chris Hemsworth Thinks That the 'Thor: the Dark World' Was 'Meh'
          • ‘Chris Hemsworth and Marvel are currently in discussions to produce ‘Thor 5’
          • Pedro Pascal is in negotiations to become Marvel’s Mister Fantastic
          • The series ‘Young Sheldon’ is set to conclude after its seventh season
          • ‘Loki 2’ has received extensive praise on Rotten Tomatoes
          • Dakota Johnson will take on the role of a superhero in ‘Madame Web’
          • The beauty from Nicaragua has been crowned Miss Universe 2023
          • A fan passed away during The Era Tours in Brazil, prompting the postponement of Taylor Swift’s show
          • Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri have parted ways after a 7-year relationship, while Yuzuru Hanyu announced his divorce to ensure his partner’s happiness
          • Ahyeon has departed from YG Entertainment for personal reasons, and BABYMONSTER is set to debut with 6 members
          • Ikea playfully mocks Balenciaga for a 22 million VND bathrobe, emphasizing a 480,000 VND option from the furniture brand
          • Lego has introduced a ‘Dragon of the East’ model to celebrate the Year of the Dragon in 2024
          • Tiffany & Co. has launched a Pokemon-themed necklace collection with prices ranging from 27 to 700 million VND
          • After over 30 years of dedication, Nike’s former CMO has retired, and Nicole Graham has been appointed as the new Marketing Director
          • Gucci has announced rapper Jay Park as its global ambassador
          • Users who opt-out of advertising on Meta platforms will face restrictions on running ads
          • Lego has released a toy set featuring The Avengers’s headquarters, commemorating 60 years since the superhero team’s first appearance
          • Hublot collaborated with artist Takashi Murakami to unveil a flower-shaped sapphire watch valued at 7 billion VND, with only 50 pieces available
          • Google must pay Apple 36% of advertising revenue from Safari to become the default search engine on Apple devices
          • 26% of Gen Z feels most productive after office hours and at night, the highest percentage among all generations

Vietnam Highlights: ‘Người Vợ Cuối Cùng’ (The Last Wife) is set to be internationally released in December

Phim "Người vợ cuối cùng": Clip cảnh nóng của Kaity Nguyễn và bạn diễn
          • ‘Người Vợ Cuối Cùng’ (The Last Wife) will premiere in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand in December
          • The Vbiz celebrities attended the wedding of actress Phuong Lan, known for her role in ‘Nhà bà Nữ’ (The House of No Man)
          • Miss Thuy Tien officially won the lawsuit against Mrs. Dang Thuy Trang
          • HIEUTHUHAI captivates social media with a photo set portraying a ‘pretend handsome’ look
          • Bui Quynh Hoa did not make it to the top 20 of Miss Universe 2023
          • Phi Phuong Anh announces the debut of her first album titled ‘Dancing Queen’
          • Social media goes wild over Miu Le’s livestream with fans
          • Gin Tuan Kiet and Puka’s online wedding in Dong Thap with a star-studded guest list from the Vbiz industry
          • Diem My 9x reveals wedding photos, with the ceremony taking place on December 21, 2023
          • My Tam organizes her first live show in the beautiful area of lighthouse in Ha Long
          • Greg Joswiak, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Global Marketing, attracts attention by meeting with famous Vietnamese Creative Directors and Content Creators during his visit to Ho Chi Minh City

Hot on TikTok: ‘The Soul Reaper Divination’ filter invades TikTok

          • TikTokers are addicted to fortune-telling with “The Soul Reaper Divination’ filter
          • TikTokers slay with the ‘Bochka Challenge’
          • Bouncing in a Christmas rhythm with the ‘Santa Hat’ filter
          • TikTokers repeatedly listen to ‘Bé Ơi Từ Từ – Wren Evans & itsnk’
          • Drawing Christmas paintings with the ‘Christmas Filter’ on TikTok
          • Recreating classic paintings with the ‘Classical Art’ filter
          • TikTokers showcase their bucket list with ‘My 2024 bucket list’
          • TikTokers are obsessed with the ‘Qua Cầu Rước Em’ trend
          • A TikToker ‘practices’ dancing at a friend’s wedding
          • Boss Malisa takes over TikTok with a grand opening dance
          • Using the ‘Cảm ơn vì ai đó đã mang đến em tiếng cười’ ‘Thank you for making me laugh’ template
          • TikTokers wonder ‘Have I met my true love?’
          • Passionate about the ‘Filter For Good I’ filter
          • Getting ‘sweetly overwhelmed’ with the ‘asap baby’ trend
          • Women show off their sixth sense with ‘Stop The Ball’
          • ‘Rồi em sẽ gặp một chàng trai khác..’(Eventually, I will meet someone else)
          • A TikToker performs a skit with ‘Kissing Shrek by Rylee’
          • Testing courage with the ‘Teenage Years’ filter
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