In the world, fans rejoice as ‘Stranger Things 5’ officially begins production, and a new season of the ‘Mr. Bean’ series is set to return next year. The Weeknd is reported to be writing a script for a new film following ‘The Idol’. Meanwhile, in Vietnam, ‘Tết ở Làng Địa Ngục’ (Hellbound Village) has become the cinematic phenomenon of 2023. Director Le Hoang’s film ‘Trà’ joins the race for Tet 2024, My Tam as a source of inspiration, and Chi Pu crowned as the beauty of the year. These are the hottest highlights of the past week!

Global Highlights: ‘Stranger Things 5’ officially starts filming

Stranger Things Mùa 5 sẽ là câu chuyện có "cú nhảy thời gian"
          • ‘Stranger Things 5’ has officially started filming
          • The series ‘Mr. Bean’ will return for its fourth season in 2025 with a total of 52 episodes
          • The horror film about the deer Bambi is set to begin filming, with an expected release in late 2024
          • After ‘The Idol’, The Weeknd is writing a script for a new film, starring alongside Jenna Ortega and Barry Keoghan
          • Steven Yeun has withdrawn from the project ‘Thunderbolts’
          • Jack Black will play the role of Steve in the live-action version of ‘Minecraft’
          • Ana Ofelia Murguía, the voice actress for the grandmother in ‘Coco’, has passed away at the age of 90.
          • The president of DC Studios still wants Margot Robbie to play Harley Quinn, despite the complete overhaul of DCEU’s characters.
          • The director of ‘Saltburn’ had initially wanted Timothée Chalamet to play the lead role of Oliver, now portrayed by Barry Keoghan.
          • ‘Godzilla Minus One’ has become the highest-grossing Godzilla film produced by Japan
          • Universal has officially surpassed Disney, becoming the highest-grossing film studio in 2023
          • Halle Bailey and DDG welcome their first son, Halo
          • Harvard University is seeking additional teaching assistants for its Taylor Swift course due to overwhelming student enrollment
          • ‘American Born Chinese’ featuring Michelle Yeoh and Ke Huy Quan, has been canceled by Disney+ after one season
          • Actor Christian Oliver and his two daughters tragically died in a plane crash in the Caribbean
          • Coachella declined to have Shakira as the headliner this year
          • Emma Stone shared that ‘Cruella 2’ is in the works
          • A scented candle named ‘Jacob Elordi’s Bathwater’ is being sold for $26 on Etsy
          • Taylor Swift’s album ‘Midnights’ is the most-streamed album of 2023 on Spotify
          • TikTok is the most favored tool of Gen Z currently
          • Hermès has launched a luxurious envelope with a price tag of nearly 3 million VND
          • 44% of global employees experience work-related stress, highlighting concerns about mental health in the workplace
          • Creative individuals are spreading a list of 24 pages containing 16,000 artists whose artworks Midjourney used to train A.I
          • The heir to the L’Oréal group has become the first female billionaire with assets exceeding 100 billion USD

Vietnam Highlights: ‘Tết Ở Làng Địa Ngục’ (Hellbound Village) has become the ‘Vietnam cinematic phenomenon of 2023’

Có thể là hình ảnh về 9 người
          • ‘Tết Ở Làng Địa Ngục’ (Hellbound Village) has become the ‘Vietnam Cinematic Phenomenon of 2023’
          • ‘Trà’ directed by Le Hoang enter the Lunar New Year 2024 race.
          • Thanh Hoa, the actor who portrayed Thanh Sói in “Hai Phượng” (Furies) movie passed away from stomach cancer
          • ‘Turning Red’ will be re-released in Vietnam on the first day of Tet 2024
          • Singer My Tam won the ‘Inspiring Artist’ award, Chi Pu is crowned the ‘Beauty of the Year,’ and Tien – The Pharmacist receives a double award at the ‘Star of the Year 2023’
          • ‘Những Lời Hứa Bỏ Quên’ has entered the top viral songs global on Spotify on January 1st
          • Ngoc Trinh is proposed to be prosecuted for the crime of ‘disturbing public order’
          • Kha Nhu unexpectedly unfollows Puka on Instagram, subtly confirming a ‘falling out’
          • 76% of Vietnamese Gen Z expresses a desire to abandon at least one social media platform, avoiding the dominance of the ‘virtual world’ in real life
          • In the Tet 2024 campaign race, “Tết Ổn Rồi” becomes the first music video to enter the top 10 YouTube Trending
          • Vietnam Airlines introduces a pet transportation service 

Hot on TikTok: Netizens are laughing out loud at the Ninh – Am couple

          • Netizens are laughing out loud at the Ninh-Âm couple
          • ‘How will I look in the 70s?’
          • The TikTokers show off their food tour photos with the trend ‘Anh ơi em đói’ (Honey, i’m starving)
          • ‘Tuổi thanh xuân cũng giống như mây trời’ (Youth is like the clouds in the sky)
          • TikTokers are addicted to ‘Em Xinh – Mono’
          • TikTokers are crazy about ‘Phóng đổ tim em – Wren Evans’
          • Pet lovers are hooked on ‘Chipi chipi chapa chapa’
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