In the world, Oppenheimer wins big at the Golden Globes with 5 awards, and fans express their disappointment as Argyle doesn’t return in ‘Stranger Things 5’, ‘Top Gun 3’ is currently in production, ‘Young Sheldon’ is getting a prequel, and ‘Five Nights At Freddy’s 2’ is in the works. In Vietnam, ‘Tết ở Làng Địa Ngục’ (Hellbound Village) and ‘Kẻ Ăn Hồn’ (The Soul Reaper) dominates the WeChoice Awards 2023, winning in two categories for film and television of the year. Tran Thanh releases the trailer for the movie ‘Mai’, and MC Duc Bao apologizes after his statement. These are the hottest highlights of the past week!

Global Highlights: ‘Top Gun 3’ is currently in production

Top Gun 3" is reportedly in development - Tom Cruise will be back, of course | gagadget.com  
          • “Oppenheimer” sweeps the 2024 Golden Globe Awards with 5 categories
          • Fans are saddened as the comedian Argyle won’t return in “Stranger Things 5”
          • “Top Gun 3” is in production, with Tom Cruise returning alongside Miles Teller and Glen Powell
          • “Young Sheldon” will have a new spinoff, focusing on the parenting journey of Georgie and Maddy’s parents
          • Milly Alcock is being considered for the role of Super Girl in the new DC universe
          • “Five Nights At Freddy’s” part 2 is in production following the success of the first part
          • Willem Dafoe officially receives a star on the Walk of Fame
          • “Aquaman 2” becomes the highest-grossing DC superhero film of 2023
          • “The Good Doctor” officially concludes after 7 seasons
          • Bong Joon Ho’s “Mickey 17” faces an indefinite delay
          • Selena Gomez revealed she had never talked about Timothée Chalamet and Kylie Jenner at the Golden Globes
          • Dua Lipa and Callum Turner are officially dating
          • Swifties lament the disappearance of Taylor Swift’s music according to each era on Spotify
          • Spotify introduces ‘Playlist In A Bottle’, allowing users to create music playlists and notes, but it can only be opened in 2025
          • Ariana Grande officially makes a comeback with ‘yes, and?’ after 4 years in hiding
          • Taylor Swift holds a 1.79% market share of the entire U.S. music industry in 2023
          • Creative individuals often find inspiration during the night. Zoom calls, offices, and meeting rooms are considered limited environments for creativity, according to Adobe’s research
          • OpenAI CEO Sam Altman confirms marriage to his partner, expressing a desire to have children in the future
          • Domino’s Pizza introduces a unique volcano-shaped cheese pizza
          • Many creative individuals frequently face burnout
          • Recent Gen Z graduates struggle to find jobs due to a lack of experience and interview skills
          • LinkedIn becomes a popular dating app among office workers
          • A controversial drop-test shakes the Apple fan community: An iPhone remains undamaged after falling from a height of 5,000 meters
          • Wacom responds to an AI-generated poster: “Not sure if this image was created by AI”
          • Ogilvy’s recruitment ad reflects reality: Intentionally using ‘Lorem Ipsum’ placeholder text to demonstrate the need for a Copywriter
          • The Studio Ghibli founder sends New Year’s greetings to fans worldwide with a hand-drawn artwork of a green dragon
          • A keyboard for the iPhone is launched with a price tag of around 3 million VND

Vietnam Highlights: Tết ở Làng Địa Ngục’ (Hellbound Village) and ‘Kẻ Ăn Hồn’ (The Soul Reaper) dominates the WeChoice Awards 2023 

          • ‘Tết ở Làng Địa Ngục’ (Hellbound Village) and ‘Kẻ Ăn Hồn’ (The Soul Reaper) dominates the WeChoice Awards 2023 by leading in two categories: Film and Television of the Year
          • Ngoc Thanh Tam and Truong Giang achieve a hat-trick in the web drama category at the 10th Green Star Awards
          • Tran Thanh releases the trailer for the movie ‘Mai’, featuring hot scenes with Tuan Tran and Phuong Anh Dao.
          • Netizens stir as Uyen An faces a scandal at the press conference for the film ‘Mai’
          • Dennis Dang is accused of copying ideas in the program ‘Chị Đẹp’ (Sisters who make waves)
          • Chillies debuts the MV ‘Đại lộ mặt trời’ in collaboration with actor Morisaki Win
          • MC Duc Bao apologizes for the statement ‘If poor, don’t have children’
          • Cao Thai Son publicly reveals his firstborn son, nearly one month old
          • Haidilao becomes the most breakthrough brand in December 2023 in Vietnam, thanks to the ‘Naruto dance’
          • Jetstar Australia apologizes for publicly mocking the Vietnamese currency in a Facebook post
          • “Táo Quân 2024” announces advertising rates, with the highest being 645.5 million VND for a 30-second duration
          • Bath & Body Works opens its first store at Vincom Center Dong Khoi
          • The communications team of the “Hoả Lò Prison” historical site receives a nomination for the inspirational figure category at the WeChoice Awards 2023
          • In the Tet 2024 campaign race, three MVs from Lifebuoy, Biti’s Hunter, and Omo make it to the top 10 of YouTube Trending in the Music category

Hot on Tiktok: A series of funny awards ceremonies are being organized

          • Series of year-end summary and award-giving ceremonies on TikTok
          • TikTokers’ enthusiasm for the engaging content ‘Knowledge – Experience – Experiment’ by Thai Cong
          • Cosplayers parodying Taylor Swift with ‘AI Parody-tigerlily’
          • TikTok flooded with photos of “Ao Dai” (Vietnamese traditional dress)
          • Open sharing of the ‘price list for hiring a date during the lunar New Year’
          • TikTokers playing the traditional ‘Bầu Cua Tôm Cá’ (Vietnamese gambling game) each Tet
          • ‘Pam xinh iu của mẹ đâu rồi?’ (Where is mom’s cute Pam?)
          • TikTokers expressing curiosity about their future lovers through ‘Scan lover 2’
          • TikTokers addicted to dancing to the catchy music ‘Nhạc này dính quá’ (This music is too addictive)
          • Questions arising about the ‘Meaning of the red spider lily’s colors’
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