Producer Hoang Quan: “Horror film is not low-budget”

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, along with co-founding the Digital Marketing Agency – DigiPencil, the career path of Creative Director Hoang Quan seemed firmly attached to the Advertising and Communication sector until he diverged to establish ProductionQ – Creative House in 2018. As of now, the producer Hoang Quan has become the ‘leading father’ of a series of ‘made in Vietnam’ horror films that have made waves, such as Bắc Kim Thang (Home Sweet Home), Rừng Thế Mạng (Survive), Chuyện Ma Gần Nhà (Vietnamese Horror Stories), Tết Ở Làng Địa Ngục (Hellbound Village),…

Shaun The Sheep’s studio confirm ‘Don’t worry” after clay shortage news

In the world, the renowned animation studio Aardman Animation suddenly ceased production due to a shortage of clay. ‘Frozen’ will have its third and fourth seasons, and Disney has submitted ‘Elemental’ and ‘Wish’ for the 2024 Oscars. Kris Wu maintains his position for 13 consecutive years but faces expulsion from China. In Vietnam, netizens were moved by supermodel Minh Tu’s boyfriend’s proposal, Baemin announced the cessation of operations from December 8, 2023, and the multisensory exhibition of Van Gogh is officially taking place in Vietnam. These are the hottest highlights of the past week!

Marvel discussing about Thor 5; meanwhie ‘Người Vợ Cuối Cùng’ (The Last Wife) ready for international release

In the world, ‘Thor 5’ is currently under discussion by Chris Hemsworth and Marvel for its debut. ‘Loki 2’ has received praise from both experts and audiences. Pedro Pascal is in negotiations to become Marvel’s Mister Fantastic. Taylor Swift is saddened and has postponed a show due to a fan’s death during The Era Tours performance in Brazil. In Vietnam, ‘The Last Wife’ is gearing up for international export in December. The Vbiz star-studded cast celebrated actress Phuong Lan’s wedding, who played in the movie ‘Nhà Bà Nữ’ (The House of No Man). Diem My 9x celebrated her birthday on December 21. These are the hottest updates of the past week!

Ranked number 1 on Netflix and K+ for two consecutive weeks, ‘Hellbound Village’ season 2 will be produced

In the world, following the fame-based feeding system of Oppenheimer and Barbie, a comedy film titled Barbenheimer is in production, ‘World War Z’ has officially been canceled, the first controversial images of a live-action ‘Snow White’ have surfaced, ‘Inside Out 2’ has lost the emotions ‘Bored’ and ‘Scared.’ In Vietnam, the heat continues as the series ‘Tết ở Làng Địa Ngục’ (Hellbound Village) will have a part 2, ‘Đất Rừng Phương Nam’ ranks in the top 3 highest-grossing films of 2023, and the Vbiz stars gathered at Gin-Pu’s wedding… These are the highlights of the past week.

Matthew Perry passed away due to drowning – ‘Tết ở Làng Địa Ngục’ (Hellbound Village) ranks Top 1 on K+ and Netflix

The ‘Friends’ fan community mourns the news of Matthew Perry’s passing, G-Dragon denies the ‘drug use’ allegations, and Taylor Swift becomes a billionaire primarily from her music. In Vietnam, the series ‘Tết ở Làng Địa Ngục’ (Hellbound Village) is causing a sensation, ranking number one on both K+ and Netflix platforms and receiving praise. ‘The Soul Reaper’ from the Hellbound Village universe releases its first look and sets a premiere date. ‘Đất Rừng Phương Nam’ movie officially earns 100 billion VND. These are the highlights of the past week!

Hottest Last Week: The celebrities from both the North and South came to celebrate Tet early on the red carpet of ‘Hellbound Village’

In the world, ‘Deadpool 3’ has officially been indefinitely postponed, ‘Frozen’ is reported to be in the process of making a live-action version, and Netflix has started increasing prices in the United States, France, and the United Kingdom. In Vietnam, the gates of ‘Hellbound Village’ have opened, with a star-studded red carpet event, and the online community is abuzz with supermodel Thanh Hằng’s wedding photos. Additionally, K-Pop celebrities have gathered in Ho Chi Minh City. This is the hottest news of the past week!