‘Hellbound Village’ wins the TV Show of the Year award at the WeChoice Awards 2023.

On the global stage, ‘Deadpool 3’ has completed filming, ‘Oppenheimer’ dominates the Oscars 2024 with 13 nominations, set to premiere in Japan on March 29, 2024. Margot Robbie and Greta Lee regret not receiving Oscar nominations. In Vietnam, ‘Tet in the Inferno Village’ becomes the TV Show of the Year at the WeChoice Awards, ‘Mirror of a Thousand Flowers’ film adaptation sparks controversy for a ‘careless’ poster, and Trấn Thành’s ‘Mai’ film is fined for heavy bus advertising. That’s the hottest news of the week!
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Marvel’s series ‘She-Hulk’ does not have season 2 – Tlinh caused controversy due to sensitive imagery and attitude

In the world, the ‘She-Hulk’ series won’t have a Season 2 due to high budget, ‘Inside Out 2’ hints at new shapes for 3 emotions, the ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ series gets a new sequel, Batman and Superman will become public domain, and ‘The Polar Express’ animated film will have a sequel after 20 years. In Vietnam, ‘Lat Mat 6’ becomes Film of the Year, Tran Thanh released character posters for the film ‘Mai’, and Tlinh sparked controversy on social media with sensitive images and a challenging attitude towards public opinion. Those are the hottest topics of the past week!
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‘Tết ở Làng Địa Ngục’ (Hellbound Village) and ‘Kẻ Ăn Hồn’ (The Soul Reaper) dominates the WeChoice Awards 2023

In the world, Oppenheimer wins big at the Golden Globes with 5 awards, and fans express their disappointment as Argyle doesn’t return in ‘Stranger Things 5’, ‘Top Gun 3’ is currently in production, ‘Young Sheldon’ is getting a prequel, and ‘Five Nights At Freddy’s 2’ is in the works. In Vietnam, ‘Tết ở Làng Địa Ngục’ (Hellbound Village) and ‘Kẻ Ăn Hồn’ (The Soul Reaper) dominates the WeChoice Awards 2023, winning in two categories for film and television of the year. Tran Thanh releases the trailer for the movie ‘Mai’, and MC Duc Bao apologizes after his statement. These are the hottest highlights of the past week!
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